Welcome to the home of Tiger Eye Cycling Mirrors. We offer high-quality, handcrafted cycling mirrors that are designed to protect you while sharing the road.


Our mirrors are the perfect solution to seeing behind you without compromising your safety. Designed with high-grade optics, Tiger Eyes allow you to see a large field of view using lightweight materials that can be attached to your sunglasses or helmet without causing wind-resistance.


As a family-owned business, we created Tiger Eyes out of our passion for cycling nearly a decade ago. The idea originated from recognizing the need to feel safer on the road after one too many close calls with cars. Thus, Tiger Eye was originally created for personal use, but soon fellow cyclists were asking for Tiger Eyes of their own.


Today, we are distributed primarily in the South through independent bike shops; however, we are now expanding our availability by offering Tiger Eyes through our on line store (http://shop.teamtigereye.com/) and Amazon.com as well as searching for new field representatives or independent bike shops to serve as distributors. If you are interested in becoming a field representative or a distributor, please contact Todd Maddocks at tmaddocks@aol.com.  We are currently in need of representatives in all states other than Texas and southern Oklahoma.

Kathy Maddocks takes a break on Macinac Island, MI

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