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Tiger Eye

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Installation And Care 

Mounting: The Helmet mount Tiger Eye fits on the left, front quarter of a helmet and clasps onto the hard shell and the inside foam to stay in place. Tiger Eyes can be pinched together or opened by hand to fit tightly to a helmet. The mirror easily adjusts from side to side by twisting it gently on the spoke thread. 

Positioning: To properly position it above your forward line of sight, you may need to make custom adjustments upon opening it. To fine tune, bend the spoke gently with your hands. You should be able to see a little bit of your ear the help set the rear-facing depth perception.

Using: It will take a few rides to get comfortable using the Tiger Eye to see behind you, but soon it will become second nature. 

Cleaning and Care: Clean with soap and water or Windex, and keep it out of direct sun. 
Storage:  We learned during the Polar Vortex incidents in 2013-2014 that it is unwise to store your Tiger Eye in extreme cold.  Apparently, the mirror and the bonding agent expand and contract at different rates and the onset of extreme cold (in the teens) can irreversibly damage the mirror.

You can see an installation video for our helmet mirrors by searching on You Tube for Tiger Eye Bike Mirror or click on the link below.